Chakras-What is Chakras? The Meaning of the 7 Chakras

What is Chakras

The Chakras are dominant centers in the body where the nadis meet and create energy.
Chakra means ``wheel,`` and they have a form of a triangle (are not round as the word itself suggest).

There are 114 ``link`` points, two of which are not found in the physical body and their major centers are these 7 Chakras.

As Kundalini, also Chakras yoga is in trend, claim to balance your chakra, clear your blocks, heal you of ailments, past, present, future and so on.

For Chakra balance takes care and precision, do not do this just because you watched a video or you enrolled in an online course, do not start to play with fire. 

Chakras are the most powerful energies so if you want to start practicing take it seriously , understand them, what you are doing and look for a guru for guidance.

If you are aware and have some experience you will notice that those energies are not moving at random but in an established way.

Below are the explication of each Chakra, (color, meaning, symbol) and what you can do daily as a beginner to help you in their balance. 

Muladhara Chakra-Root Chakra

Muladhara or the root chakra ("Mula"means the source or root and ``adhara`` means foundation), is located at perineum or the base of the spine.

It is the base of your system, is related to the most human needs, such as clean air, food, water, sleep, also family and ancestry, provides strength and stability, and if you want to grow, you should nurture this first.

When the Chakra is in balance, you feel safe and self-assured. The Root Chakra imbalance is the cause of many issues including violence and war.

The absence of this Chakra energy leads to insecure, anxiety, instability and is manifested as physical pain in legs, hips, bones, a weak immune system, and/or constipation, all of which are the characteristics of Vata Dosha.

Excess in this chakra denotes very negative energy like angry, defensive, competitive, greedy, materialistic all of this being related to the Pitta Dosha features which are rigid and obsessed with achievements.

The symbol is a lotus with four petals and red-brown color.

If your energies are predominant in Muladhara, then sleep, and food will be the most dominant factor in your life.

Balance your Chakra energy:

*Connect with the earth`s energy by spending outdoors time, walk in the soil with your bare feet to receive energy from the earth.

*Eat more root vegetable (carrots, radishes, leeks)

*Carry crystals like hematite or obsidian; wear clothing related to the Chakra color or a scarf made of natural material like silk

*Repeat the affirmation ``I am.``

Swadhishthana Chakra-Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana, the second chakra, it is located above genital organs and four fingers below the belly button. It is also known as the source of sensuality, creativity, and sexuality.

Svadhishthana means ``sweet``, ``dwelling place of the Self``, and the ``butterflies`` in your stomach comes from this Chakra.

Svadhishthana is associated with Pranayama Kosha (subtle creativity) and water element (constant state of flow); emotions, movement, relationships and the arts arise from this Chakra.

When this Chakra is in balance, also your emotions are, you feel pleasure, easy to make relationships, the channels of creativity are open.

When there is a blockage in it, you may have trouble connecting with others, lower back pain, skipped menstrual periods, sexual disorders, fertility problems or pelvic area pain all of this being related to the Pitta Dosha.

Excess of Svadhishthana (non-connection with your true self) can lead to mood-swings as over-eating, substance abuse, addicted to sex, and/or emotional abuse and relates Kapha Dosha which can become over-emotional, or to Pitta which can fall easily into addictions.

The Sacral Chakra symbol is an brown-orange- lotus with six petals.

Balance your Svadhishthana Chakra

*Express yourself artistically by painting, writing, crocheting, etc.

*Move your body through dance, yoga, fitness, climbing

*Spend time near the water as river, ocean, and/or swim

*Wear clothing related to the Chakra color or a scarf made of natural material like silk.

Manipuraka (Manipura) Chakra-Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura-the place of shining gem-is founded between the belly button and the button of rib-cage is the place where digestive fire (Agni) lies-(digestive organs, pancreas, liver, gallbladder).

Solar Plexus is the third Chakra, decides who you are and what you are, is your ego, your personality, your identity, will power and intellect.

It is related to Manomaya Kosha (mental body), fire element and the  lotus with ten petals yellow in color.

When this Manipura energy is lacking, it is a loss of self, a selfless value, become a mental victim and blame others for your problems instead of taking responsibility and trying to resolve them.

Physical problems can be manifested through stiff muscle, low appetite, backaches, digestive issue and all are related to Vata Dosha because the digestive fire is lacking.

Excess of Solar Plexus energy leads to an obsession for power and money, not counting anyone and nothing.

In the body, it`s manifest as stress, hypertension, ulcers, muscle spams, constant hunger and all are Pitta characteristics.

Those three lower Chakras are associated with the earth and concerned to keep your body rooted and stable.

Balance your Manipura Chakra:

*Practice strengthening or aerobic exercises

*Spend at least 20 min in direct sunlight each day (if you are in an area where the Sun does not show often, keep lighting a candle using natural oil).

*Carry yellow calcite, tiger eye stones, wearing yellow clothing or a scarf made of natural material like silk

*Say it to you the affirmation ``I can.``

Anahata Chakra-Heart Chakra

The Anahata Chakra is the Lotus with twelve petals and interlocking triangles, seats of Atma, the Divine Self, which is below the diaphragm and is mean ``unhurt`` or ``unstruck``.

It is associated with Vijnanamaya Kosha, your intuitive body, the air element, and green color.

Your heart which is in fact your true mind, only speaks the truth, and is  important to fallow your heart, your true mind.

These represent qualities of the heart, such as peace, love, purity, compassion, bliss, harmony, understanding, empathy, clarity, kindness and forgiveness.

It is a middle chakra which makes the balance between the lower three chakras and the upper 3, between survival instincts and liberation.
If your energies seat here you are a very creative person.

The balance of Chakra appears when you can give and receive unconditional love for everything start from rocks to humans, for all Universe.

You just merely seat and you feel how you are embraced by love.

Your decisions are made from the heart, the true mind and see as they are.

When there is a blockage in it, you give up on love, being fearful to open your heart again.

Physically, you suffer from chest pain, breathing problems, thymus gland disorders or heart attacks, characteristics related to Kapha Dosha.

Excess energy leads to revenge, maltreatment, and/or abuse.

Even if you were or are being abused, keeping your heart wide open is the answer to become a strong vessel of love.

Balance your Anahata energy:

*Spend time with animals and children which are the purest creatures

*Practice deep breathing concentrating on your heart, or with your hands on your heart

*Do heart-opener yoga posture such as Weel posture (Chakrasana), Half Bridge posture (Ardha Setu Bandhasana),
Bridge posture (Setu Bandhasana).

*Carry rose quartz, malachite, wear rose clothing or a scarf made of natural material like silk

*Say it to you the affirmation ``I love.``

Vishuddhi (Vishuddha) Chakra-Throat Chakra

It is the located at the pit of the throat, the point of Udana Prana and means ``filter`` or ``especially pure.``

It is the center of communication, sound, the expression of creativity through speech and writing (musicians, writers have open the Throat Chakra).

The possibility of transformation, change and healing are located in Vishuddha.

The Chakra is associated with Akash(a)/Ether element, it is linked with Vijnanamaya Kosha as a part of your intuitive body, lotus with 16 petals and blue color.

If your energies are dominant in Vishuddhi, you can filter and purify everything from outside and do not influence you. The purification not only occurs on the physical level but also on the mental level.

People with the Throat Chakra balanced are in tune with sound vibration being able to communicate and listen, able to pick up on vibration, melodies, rhythms even if they are not very good.

Those with depleted energy have problems in expressing they self, fear of public speaking or week voice.

The imbalance can manifest in physical as neck stiffness, sore throat, jaw tightness and leads to hypothyroidism symptoms related to Kapha Dosha.

The persons who only speak but are not able to listen, the imbalance occurs in Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Adiyogi or Shiva depicts with blue throat filtering all the poisons from the outside world.

Balance you Vishddha Chakra energy:

*Repeat the affirmation ``I express.``

*Write every day

*Carry aquamarine, sodalite, wear blue color clothing

*It is indicated to wear a blue necklace or scarf made from natural material as silk to active your Vishuddhi.

Ajna Chakra-The Third Eye Chakra

Ajna, established between the eyebrows, is the location of the third eye, the conscience.

While two physical eyes see the past and the present, the third eye reveals the nonphysical of the future, the intuitive self, the center of perception based on subtle energies.

Ajna is related to all elements because is the purest light, Andamaya Kosha, the bliss body, lotus with tow petals and indigo color.

If you had a dream come true, this is because you manifested first into Ajna.

When Ajna is in balance, your third eye is activated, you are very perceptive, you can manifest your desires, meditation comes naturally to you, you can visualize and extent.

When a blockage exists, you make poor decisions, become greedy and stuck; you are not able to feel the real peace.

Excess of Ajna leads to madness and hallucinations, being unable to make the difference between the world in which you live and the Divinity.

Physical manifests as sinus infections, headache, nasal congestion and are related to Kapha Dosha.

Balance your Ajna Chakra energy:

*Practice meditation before sleep focusing on where the third eye is located

*Use sandalwood oil or stickers

*Say to yourself the affirmation ``I know.``

*Carry kyanite, azurite lapis or labradorite

Repeat the mantra `` Aum``, or "Pranava Om," the excellent sound which appears as a balance between solar and lunar energy within the body.

Sahasrara Chakra-Crown Chakra

Also known as the Brahmarandra (the door to God), Sahasrara Chakra is the "Lotus of the Thousand Petals", violet in color.

Sahasrara Chakra is the seat of Cosmic Consciousness.

Sahasrara is established at the fontanel on the top of the head, where newborns have a soft spot in the physical body, but it is above it, and connects you with the Universal energy (Divine intelligence or Divine grace).

Sahasrara is in charge of spirituality, learning, and the eternal quest for knowledge.

With Crown Chakra open, you are connected to the Universal Consciousness like the purest creatures babies, children till seven years and animals until they die.

In the case of humans, the brain starts to develop and unfortunately, it becomes more a problem than a solution.

In the case of animals, birds, and other living things, they receives the messages directly through their chakra.

They know when the calamities come, they know when you are coming home, they know when to hunt, when to migrate, know when to prepare for winter without a calendar or clock, they just know it, they just feel it.

You can open your Sahasrara Chakra when what you see is your accurate reflection, when you realize that you are not your name, your religion, your personality, your family, your work.

You are not just to pay bills, or make a fortune.

WE ARE JUST ENERGIES put here on this planet with a purpose contributing positively to society, and the services that are believed to be the most embarrassing today(well they are the most important).

When Crown Chakra is blocked, you feel worthless, depressed, without inspiration and purpose.

For the most people Sahasrara is dormant, but if your energies are predominant here, without any reason or external stimulant, you are into ecstasies.

Start to open your Crown Chakra energy:

*Follow your curiosities

*Learn about yourself, try to know yourself better

*Spend more time on your own, in nature and with animals

*Let go unnecessary possessions and beliefs

*Stay in tune with your breath

*Be aware of your choices and realize that everything happens with a reason

*Do not be embarrassed by the work you provide as long as it has a positive effect on either person or situation

Go and understand Prana and its benefits.

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