DOSHA-Our Unique Body and Mind Type


 VATA, PITTA, KAPHA Body and Mind Type.


According to Ashtanga Hridayam- Essence of The Eight Branches of Ayurveda, dosha literally means ` that which is fault `. These energies which are a combination of two elements can help or hurt us, depending on of the relative state of balance.

There are 3 Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – and are comprised The Five Great Elements. (understand better The Five Elements of Life here)


Akash (ether/space), Prithvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), and Vayu (air), according to Ayurveda are the basics from which we were built.




Each of us has all doshas, but maybe one will be predominant than other, or two, or maybe all of them are in the same amount.




The Qualities Of the Five Elements











VATA Characteristics Ether/Space & Air



Vatas have strong qualities of Air and Ether, they think dry, irregular, cold.



Light – are very light sleepers and usually suffer for insomnia; they are often extremely short or tall, generally quite flat – chested, trying to gain weight and have a hard time putting on fat or muscle, but sometimes can become overweight.

Eyes are clear, brown, black, gray or slate blue with thin eyelashes.

Cold hands and feet are cold, they prefer hot weather instead of cold; have menstrual irregularities.

Dry – they have dry bodies, skin, hair, nails, more irregular facial features – like a weak chin or very large one, small, large or irregular nose. Teeth are usually small, irregular or crooked. Ears are small or large lobes.

Their digestion can be strong one minute, and weak the next, are prone to gas formation and bloating, suffer from dry stool, loose stool or constipation, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, and high stress; have low sex activity or very changeable one.

Rough – poor blood circulation, pain and cracking in the joints, back problems, bone abnormalities.

Tend to speak quickly and erratically, have a high, light voice, can be indecisive and change their mind often, they overanalyze things.



Vatas are very creative, have an excellent ability to grasp new ideas, are interested in arts, spirituality, literature, philosophy, and anything else that gives them self- fulfillment.

Mobile – they spend energy with enthusiasm but changeable, high one moment, the next non-existent and get bored easily. Their finances are a similar situation, makes money quickly but spend at the same speed.

Vatas have to tell everyone what is going on, they know everything about everyone, they seem to be like an undercover detective, and the `knowledge` they assimilate spreads them further.

(Do you have around you people like this? Me? Yes, a few…)

They tend to be in the future, hard to settle their mind and become present.

A pure Vata person is a creator, a dreamer, who is never quite “in present“.

Clear – they need space to think, are intuitive and have clarity in what they do.


To suffer from insomnia or back problems or have other issues, you don`t have to be a VATA type, it simply means you have a VATA imbalance.

If it sounds like you, your predominant qualities are VATA, can be your mind or your body or both.



PITTA CharacteristicsFire & Water



Pitta person has a strong predominance of Fire and Water elements; is hot, liquid, mobile or static and oily. Is naturally athletic, medium size and weight, who gain muscle definition very easy.


Hot-has an angular face, and may appear more triangular or square with predominant bones; deep-set eyes; relative medium size nose; medium lips.

Has strong nails and do not crack easily; strong appetite with a perfect digestion.

The fire energy within them needs to be released and often they love to expand their bodies through gym, marathons, boot camps.

And because of the same fire, are already `hot-blooded`  and cannot bear the heat ( hot summers/hot shower/humidity).

Heartburns, burning sensations, stomach acid, odor in mouth, feet, underarms or all body, there are also the effects of fire energy.

***The biggest `problem` for Pittas is that the body fire can turn into a mental one.


Sharp – hair is often light color and tend to turn gray since youth; sharp mind and memory, the gaze is intense.

Oily – Tend to have oily hair and skin, often with a reddish tint, acne; prone to rosacea and/or psoriasis.

Light – Teeth are moderate in size; agile body; eyes are light colored, often pale blue, green, hazy.

Liquid – excess sweat, thirst & urination, excess salivation.


Mobile or static – they love to use their body through work, sport or vice versa, love to sleep, sit in the same place for hours doing their job; have moderate sexual activity.



Hot – Pittas have a very organized mind, intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, tend to take positions of leadership.

They are often interested in business, finance, science and no matter how much effort it takes being able to follow the steps.

But out of balance are impatient with others, demanding and very critical as well; prone to suffer from anger, frustration, irritability, jealousy and these being the effect of emotional fire.

When are overstressed typical response is `What did I do wrong?`



To release themselves tend to erupt at other or to blame, and after that get over it.

(In this situation I believe is good for them, but not for the person in question)


*** We all have PITTA fire energy within us and is very important to know to take a rest, to take it easy, to take things slow and cool down. Because this energy fire if uncontrollable can lead to mental disorders.


To get angry or frustrated or have other issue is not mean that you are a PITTA type, is simply means you have a Pitta imbalance.

If it sounds like you, your predominant qualities are PITTA, can be your body or your mind or both.



KAPHA CharacteristicsWater & Earth



Kaphas have a strong predominance of Earth and Water elements, are static or immobile, cold, dull.



Dense and Heavy – They have an attractive, stable body but is the constitution most inclined to gain weight easily, especially in the lower parts of the body; they have big bones.

Digestion is slow but reasonable, with well-formed stools. Have a tendency to sleep more than necessary; blood circulation good; deep and delicious voice.


Smooth and Soft – Kaphas have moist, thick, lustrous hair; full lips; big white straight teeth; dark & big eyes with long, thick lashes; long and strong nails; baby-soft skin, are gentle, compassionate.

Oily – well- lubricated joints, oily skin, and hair tendencies.

Static or Mobile – sedentary, sit in the same place many hours, loyal, attached,  retains water or vice versa. They have also a high sexual activity.

Dull and Hard –headaches, congestion in sinuses, throat.

Cold – cold digestive fire (digestive fire Agni is weak) with a slow metabolism, they get cold easily.



Smooth and Soft – Kaphas are natural givers, often calm, peaceful and stable, put first others needs, interesting in teaching, nursing, therapy, and other services.

Extremely loyal, full of trust keeping friendships and relationships for a long time or forever; great counselors and listeners.

Kaphas hold things within themselves, does not talk about their `problems`, and more so than what is considered to be ` a problem ` for them are only situations that need to be solved.

In imbalance, they have a tendency to be slow and resistant to change, tendencies to negative emotions like coldness, depression, possessiveness, rigidity, holding the past. Due to emotional instability, they refuge in food, alcohol, too much sleep, and gain weight.


If you have a tendency to rigidity or coldness or other issue is not mean you are a KAPHA type, simply means you have a Kapha imbalance.

If it sounds like you, your predominant qualities are Kapha, can be your mind or your body or both.

Start to find what are predominant qualities for you in every Dosha, looking for what resembles you the most. Or, you can get the Dosha quiz.

You will find yourself more or less and gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better.

The secondary and tertiary Dosha due to our lifestyle, season, diet, stress level is changing.

Well, what are your primary, secondary and tertiary characteristic? 



Hope it was helpful to you and start to know yourself better and pay attention to your lifestyle.

To understand better read also Your True Nature and Imbalance-Prakruti and Vikruti





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