Gray Hair Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for gray hair for most of us remains " you can not do anything" because of the aging process.

Unless a medical condition does not cause it, most people probably think that premature gray hair is a natural part. As long as you get older, or that it’s merely genetic "is normal" but is not quite so.

Those factors do play a role, but you can slow down and even reverse the graying process naturally as long as you know the causes.

With some natural herbs and seeds, you can get rid of gray hair naturally. Put down the bottle of hair dye, read on to find out how to slow down or stop the graying process, and revive the beauty of your hair.

I bet you notice many persons who seem to do extraordinary things with their hair.
Have you wondered what they do?

In Ayurveda's perspective, the health of the bones, hair, nails, and teeth is connected. The vitamins and minerals that help to keep the bones healthy are also essential for the health of your hair, nails, and teeth.

Healthy hair comes from a healthy body, reflects the internal condition of the body, is the extension of the central energy in the spine (Shushumna Nadi).

Your hair is full of energy.


White hair and prematurely gray hair has several causes. White and gray hair may start to grow at an early age and caused by a range of different factors.(1Trusted Source)

The most crucial thing to keep your hair healthy is to avoid anything that promotes internal and external heat, stress, inflammation, and too much intensity.

Damaged, falling, and prematurely gray hair is a sign of too much pitta imbalance in your head such as anger, frustration, irritability, jealousy, stress. These are the effect of emotional fire within you.

Using hot water for washing, shampoo and conditioner which is not organic, excessive blow-drying, wax, gels, colors, rubbing the hair with the towel, extra brushing also accelerates graying hair process.

Using nails, not clean the scalp appropriately and regularly, too much exposure to the sun, are also habits that have only adverse effects on your hair.

Hereditary is also a cause that can not be neglected, but even so, you can reverse the health and natural color of your hair.

Premature graying is mostly connected to genetics according to a 2013 report in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology.(2Trusted Source)

Race and ethnicity have an essential role, as well. 

Our body has millions of hair follicles (a small secretory cavity, sac, or gland) lining the skin. Those follicles generate hair and color (pigment cells that contain melanin).
In time, hair follicles lose pigment cells, resulting in gray and white hair.

  • Vitamin deficiencies can cause hair to turn gray or white prematurely.
  • In the journal Development notes (2015) is related to various deficiency studies on the vitamins and the connection with the graying process. Deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, A, C, D, E, biotin, and copper, iron, selenium, manganese can contribute to premature graying.
  • Alcohol – Diet- Pollution
  • Nutritional deficiencies affect pigmentation, and you can reverse graying with vitamin supplementation.

    In the International Journal of Trichology (2016) tells that iron found in the body, vitamin B-12, and cholesterol were joint with premature hair graying.

  • Smoking is also linked to premature graying (preventing white hair depends on its cause).
  • Certain medical conditions, including autoimmune diseases, may accelerate graying hair process and research in 2008 showed a connection between thyroid dysfunction and hair abnormalities.

    Alopecia areata and Vitiligo are other autoimmune diseases, a melanin deficiency skin disease. They cause hair loss on the scalp, face, and body. 


    Even genetics or aging is the cause; you can prevent, slow down, stop, and reverse the process of graying hair.
    Treating the gray hair allow natural color pigmentation to return.

    If diet and vitamin deficiencies are the cause, correct them to reverse the problem or stop it from getting worse.

    Having a diet with lots of antioxidant-rich foods reduce oxidative stress, helping to prevent hair from graying.

    Antioxidant-rich foods include:

    • fresh fruits and vegetables
    • green tea
    • organic oils
    • fish instead of meat

    Depending on your dosha (Kapha, Pitta, Vata) consume more foods rich in vitamins B 12 and D if you have a deficiency of them.
    Vitamin supplements also can correct deficiencies.

    Smoking has negative effects on the body and contributes to white hair. Researchers also have found a link between the habit and loss of hair pigmentation.

    • Use botanical shampoo and conditioner(silicon-free)
    • Don`t rub your hair with the towel.
    • Avoid as much as you can hairdryer
      Let your hair dry naturally or stop drying your hair in a semi-wet stage.
    • Avoid chemical hair dyes and hair products
    • Add more cooling foods in your diet, cucumber, melon, celery
    • NG fast foods, beverage, left-over, snacks
    • Add tomato in your diet. Tomatoes contain a pigment named lycopene, which is associated with antioxidant properties. Rich in vitamin A, tomato is also a Pitta pacifying fruit/vegetable.

      But tomato is part of Nightshades family group of plants which brings fatigue and inflammation in the system in some people.
    • Use the best herbs in your diet and as a massage oil for scalp and hair. (read about the three amazing herbs at the bottom of the page).
      Massage your scalp in gentle movements (bottom-top), especially at the top of the head.


    There are a lot of hair dyes on the market that covers white hair, but most of them make the situation worse than resolving it. All-natural treatments are the most effective tested remedies for gray hair.

    Natural remedies are an alternative for prematurely gray hair process without harming the body or causing hair pigment damage.

    Let`s found out what are the top 15 best natural remedies for gray hair 

    1. Curry leaves

    Curry leaves help to prevent the Graying of Hair. The medicinal use of curry leaves is used for centuries and is one of the best natural remedies for gray hair.  

    When it is combined with hair oil and applied to the scalp, curry leaves can slow down premature graying. 

    Curry leaves are rich with powerful antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper. 

    When is applied to the hair, it not only inhibits the growth of grey hair but also nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles and boosts the growth of healthier hair. 

    How to use curry leaves for gray hair treatment

    1. Making curry leaves hair mask is the best way to use curry leaves as natural treatment/remedies for graying hair.

    Use 1/4 cup of curry leaves and make it a paste. Mix it with a half cup of yogurt and apply on to the scalp and the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

    2.Take half of the cup of coconut oil or other organic hair oil and add a handful of curry leaves. Boil the oil until the curry leaves turn black. Turn off the heat and allow it to reach room temperature.

    Store it into a clean bottle and keep it in a place away from sunlight. Apply the oil regularly on the scalp and hair.

    2.Black tea

    Black tea help to prevent the Graying Process of Hair. Black tea is rich in tannic acid. This tannic acid can darken your hair over time.

    How to use black tea for gray hair treatment

    Make a strong black tea (using six tablespoons/ 6 teabags), cool it and apply on the hair up to 30 minutes before rinsing out with warm water.

    1. Black tea can make your hair darker, shinier, and softer. 
    The tea can also be mixed with conditioner, left in the hair for 1 hour, and then rinsed out.

    You can mix black tea (6 tbsp) and tulsi leaves(6)and boil them together. Let the infusion cool and apply on your hair for 1-2 hours. Wash out with warm water.

    2.Also, you can make a mixture of black tea (7 bags) 3 rosemary leaves and two oregano leaves and boil them.Let cooling down, apply the mixture on your hair, and let it sit for 1-2 hours. Wash with warm water.

    3. Use black tea and coffee.Granulated or instant coffee mix it with black tea leads to long terms results.

    Boil three black tea bags into 3 cups of water. Add 3 tbsp instant coffee and boil for 5 min. Let to cool down and apply the concoction on your hair with a brush. Let to sit for one ah and rinse it off with warm water.

    4.Use Coffee for Graying Hair treatment

    If you are into natural hair dyes, coffee is a cheap and perfect hair dye to color your gray hair.
    Instant coffee and brewed coffee beans stain the hair very well.

    How to use coffee for gray hair treatment

    1.Make a cup of organic coffee and let it cool down. Add 2 tbsp of coffee grounds to the brewed coffee, mix, and then apply on your hair for an hour. Wash off and get the beautiful chocolate color.

    Natural hair dye using coffee. In a plastic, bowl put 1 tsp coffee powder, a cup of fresh henna paste, 2-3 tsp amla powder (aread about amla in triphala post), and mix all the ingredients with a bit of water.

    With a brush, apply the mixture on to the hair, and let it sit for an hour. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

    Following this natural remedy for gray hair once in a month is a great way to cover your gray hair at home.

    5.Cure for Gray Hair using Onion

    Onions are an excellent vegetable for hair regrowth, but many of us do not know about its ability to reverse gray hair. Onions are rich in catalase which is an antioxidant enzyme that deals with the excess amount of hydrogen peroxide (the main reason behind gray hair).

    Catalase helps to restore the original color of your hair. Along with this, the phytonutrients, vitamin C, folic acid, and copper present in onion help in preventing greying hair.

    How to use onion to cover gray hair

    Blend a small onion and collect the juice using a sieve. Apply the juice on to your scalp and let it for about 30 minutes. Wash off with a very mild shampoo. Repeat this treatment for gray hair twice a week.

    Also, you can mix onion juice with one egg, and one tbsp of olive oil. Apply it onto the scalp for 40 minutes and then wash off.

    Another one is to mix one onion juice with an equal part of organic coconut oil and cover your gray hair

    6. Cover Gray Hair with Blackstrap Molasses

    The blackstrap molasses is the leftover liquid after removing the sugar crystals. It is the dark, thick liquid obtained during the sugar making process.

    Blackstrap molasses are rich in copper which is very helpful in melanin production. Minerals such as iron, selenium, and magnesium, found in blackstrap molasses are considered one of the best natural treatments/remedies for graying hair.

    How to use blackstrap molasses as natural remedies for graying hair

    Blackstrap molasses are available online for eating purposes only. Eat a tbsp of blackstrap molasses every day for a few months to see positive results.

    7. Treat Gray Hair using Sage Leaves

    Sage has astringent and refreshing properties, and it is considered as a perfect remedy to reverse graying hair.

    Sage leaves help the melanin return to the hair strands restoring the hair color but do not work on completely white hair.
    It has efficiency for gray hair; combat baldness and improve hair growth.

    How to use sage leaves for treating gray hair

    1.A sage tea infusion made with dried sage leaves, and 2 cups of water rubbed into the scalp is all you need to do to cover any gray strands. Sage contains natural pigments that stain the gray hair naturally.

    The natural oils in sage strengthen the roots and stimulate healthy hair growth.Use the infusion every time you wash your hair.

    2.Prepare sage tea with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and mix. Use it after shampooing your hair. Do it several times/ week for the best results.

    8. Treat premature gray hair with Amaranth leaves:

    Amaranth contains enzymes that improve the level of melanin and restore the natural black color. Has potent properties to treat gray hair; is an effective natural gray hair remedy.

    It is a good source of Niacin, and an excellent source of Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper and Manganese.

    How to use Amaranth to treat graying hair

    Amaranth leaves are varied greens that can be eaten raw in a salad, added to a stir fry, soup, or a simmered dish like curry. 

    Crush Amaranth leaves into a fine paste and applies it to your hair. The symptoms of gray hair are reduced markedly in three months. Amaranth leaves have potent properties to treat gray hair.

    Make an extract by boiling the leaves in water and then use the water extract on the hair and scalp.

    The extract from its leaves helps restore hair color. Apply juice of amaranth leaves to hair after shampooing and then rinse.

    9. Use Henna to Get rid of Graying Hair

    Henna is a fabulous natural alternative hair dye to get rid of graying hair. It covers gray hair and gives the hair a reddish-brown tint. Henna also adds volume and shine to the hair and makes it silky smooth.

    How to use henna for gray hair remedy

    Amazon link: Note henna differs from the desired hair color.

    1.Mix coffee or black tea with henna powder, cover and let it sit for 5-6 hours. Just before applying the henna hair mask add some amla oil. Apply it all over the hair for 3 hours before rinsing it off.

    2.Soak 5 tbsp henna powder in a cup of water for about 7-8 hours. Prepare black tea, let it cool down, add to the henna paste and mix.

    3.You can also add lemon juice and amla powder (see about amla at the bottom of the page) to this mixture. Apply on your hair, let it stay for an hour and then wash off with organic shampoo.

    10. Treat Gray Hair using Ribbed Gourd

    ​Ribbed gourd or ridge gourd(sponge gourd)is a plant native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

    It is known for restoring hair pigment and stimulating the roots of the hair. Regular massaging of ridge gourd oil can prevent hair from turning white. The oil can be purchased online.

    Ridge gourd nourishes the hair root, helps in restoring the pigment called melanin which gives hair its natural color. 

    How to use ribbed gourd remedy for gray hair

    Cut one ribbed gourd into small pieces and dry them out in the shade (putting them under the sun can cause loss of nutrients). 
    Soak the dried pieces in a cup of coconut oil for 3-4 days.

    Boil the oil (with the ribbed gourd pieces in it) in the small flame till it turns black. 
    Strain and store it in a clean, dark, glass bottle in the shade.
    Massage your scalp with the oil at least twice/week. 

    11. Use Black Sesame Seeds as a Remedy for Graying Hair

    Why use black sesame seeds to reverse the gray color of hair

    Antioxidants present in the black sesame can neutralize the effect of free radicals that damage the cells and cause aging (including gray hair, hair loss, and wrinkles). 

    Black sesame seeds are considered to be one of the best anti-aging foods in traditional Chinese Medicine. We are going to conclude that the most effective natural remedies for gray hair are black sesame seeds. 

    Besides stimulating hair growth and nourishing the scalp, black sesame seeds can promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin.

    Black sesame seeds also contain protein and minerals like copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B1, amino acids, selenium, melanin, and dietary fiber which play vital roles in restoring the natural color of the hair.

    Along with minerals and proteins, these tiny seeds contain natural antioxidants – sesamin, sesamolin, and sesamol.

    How to use black sesame as natural remedies for gray hair

    Eating a tablespoon of black sesame seeds every day for at least three months will help solve the root of the problem.

    At the same time, apply creams, oils, and hair masks regularly.

    12. Use Copper Water as a treatment for graying hair.

    Low copper level in the system leads to premature graying, according to one 2012 study and also known by Ayurveda for centuries.

    Good food sources of copper are:

    • Liver. 
    • Oysters. 
    • Spirulina.
    • Shiitake Mushrooms.
    • Asparagus
    • Nuts and Seeds. 
    • Lobster. 
    • Leafy Greens. 
    • Dark Chocolate.

    But copper water not just helps in reverse gray hair also is a daily detox for your entire body. ( read here the 16 benefits of copper water).

    Amazon links:

    How to use copper water as natural remedies for gray hair

    With the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties of copper, copper water is your natural remedy helping in the production of healthy and new skin cells. 


    Put your water in a copper vessel, cover the pot, let settle down for at least 8 hours at room temperature, and then drink it throughout the day.
    Every time, drink the water at room temperature or tipped.

    DO NOT: 

    • refrigerate your water.
    • use ice.
    • drink if you have allergies at copper.
    • drink more than 1 liter/day from a copper vessel (also using a copper cup), but it also depends on person to person.
      (read more about the benefits of copper water by clicking here).

    Below are three great Ayurvedic herbs for gray hair.(2Trusted Source)


    Ayurvedic herbs to reverse gray hair are found as powder, capsule, and oils for scalp massage and hair that can help you in premature graying.

    You can also add powdered herbs to your smoothie or sprinkle on your salad.

    1.Bringraj for gray hair

    Kesharaja-(Ruler of the hair)
    Common Name-Bringraj, Bhangra
    Scientific Name- Eclipta alba
    Ayurvedic Name -Bringaraj, Kesharaja-(Ruler of the hair)

    Amazon link:

    In Ayurvedic medicine is used the whole plant, including the root and leaves.
    Bringraj is a herb that cools the metabolism, controls pitta imbalance that causes premature graying hair and balding.

    Is a master tonic for the hair and recommended to use up to 6g/day as tea or capsules(powder), medicated oil or medicated ghee.

    Sometimes amla, which is also anti-pitta, is added to Bringraj oil.

    2.Amla (Amalaki) for gray hair

    ​Scientific Name- Emblica Officinalis

    Amazon links:

    Among other amazing benefits, Amalaki fruit is a front-line anti-inflammatory herb.
    It is considered to be the prime herb to treat premature gray hair, especially when the inflammation is present.

    It is recommended 1-2g/day up to 4-5g/day.

    (You can find more about Amalaki benefits by clicking here)

    As a massage oil, you can use single or in a combination of Amla, Madukaparni leaf, and Bringraj in equal parts.
    Massage your scalp and hair gently, leave the oil blend on overnight or at least 4 hours, and shampoo out.

    The recommended dosage may differ from product to product, so read the instruction carefully before using.

    3.Jatamansi for gray hair

    Common Name- Indian Spikenard, Indian Nard, Musk root
    Scientific Name-Nardostachys jatamansi  

    Known as Indian Spikenard, Nardostachys jatamansi is a valerian family herb found in the Himalayas region. The oil is used since ancient times in Ayurveda as a medicine.

    Jatamansi extract helps in the growth of hair, penetrates deep in the follicle, makes the hair root stronger, and controls premature graying of hairs.

    Jatamansi or Indian Spikenard has a very heavy, musky odor and in combination with other sweet aromatic herbs, becomes more pleasant.

    Many Ayurvedic preparations feature jatamansi and are also used for cosmetic purposes (conditioner, cleanser), mainly to promote the growth and blacken hair.

    Amazon links:

    The results of the study vindicate what Ayurveda knew all along. Jatamansi is responsible for providing the maximum darkening of hair.
    (3Trusted Source)

    The best way to extract the goodness of the herb for graying hair is by infusing it in oil. Use the infused oil on your hair wash the next day. 

    You can mix Jatamansi Powder in any carrier oil that you can apply to your scalp and leave it overnight for the best results. Wash your hair with warm water the next morning.

    Amazon link

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