H2O-Water-The Element With Memory

Water Memory

Water-One of The 5 Elements of Life

Is water memory fiction, science, or myth? This is a question often posed in the last decade. What Ayurveda and Yoga know for over 5,000 years, now is recognized by science-Water has memory.(1)

I suppose you wonder how it is possible?

I think you've often seen a delicate flower that has the power to penetrate the asphalt.​
And more than that, I assume you received some power to move on, especially if you have seen it in the awkward moments of your life.

Well, in the moment of germination, the little seed has almost 400 atmospheres, it is the engine power of the flower, and therefore it can break through the asphalt.
Everything on this Earth made by Creator or man have an amount of water in it.

Water, is one of the first creation of Divinity and an essential element without which life would not exist. It can be found starting from rock up to the gasoline used for your car.

What Leads Scientists to Conclude That Water Has Memory?

In the 1943s, it was realized that was only 20% of drinking water (in 2025 will be only 7%) and trying to find solutions for water purification researches go deeper and deeper and they found out the unexpected.

Water, is the only element which can be in 3 forms: liquid, solid, and gaseous. Any substance contracts when is cold, but the density of water increases below the freezing point and becomes less above, and no scientist can explain WHY?

They can not also explain WHY just water exists in 3 forms,
WHY is the most potent solvent?
WHY of all liquids the water has the highest surface extension?
WHY despite gravity can feed even the leaves of a giant tree?

Chemical Composition H2O- Water

H2O-Depends on age we are 70%-90% water.
But, what kind of water?(2)

The behavior of water has concerned scientists from the 50s and 60s at meetings were only drinking water was served.

Unable to explain a series of incidents (such as the deaths of scientists who were meeting for inventions of new atomic bombs and the conversation between them, naturally was on that topic), opinions began to appear, and many scientists started to get involved.

Chemical Composition H2O- Water

More critical than chemical composition is the structure of water which means how the molecules are organized.
The molecules join into groups called Cluster, and as a magnetic tape or like a computer, records whole the process that comes in contact with.

The Cluster`s structure stability confirms the power to record and store information.

It “remembers” and “keeps” anything that happens in the environment, and anything that comes in contact with water leaves a “print” in it.

Informational & Physical Pollution 

We pollute the water physically(the environment in general) and spiritually through our behavior and emotions at a very high level.
By the time it enters in our body, it is already dead.

Aggressive Chemical Purification

Water remembers the chemicals, pine filters that passed and the violence it has been subjected to, everything is in it`s ``mind``.

Magnetic & Electric Fields

Water has less than 1000 times the magnetic field than the Earth natural magnetic field which means that the animal`s behavior can be changed using just water.

Intensive electrical fields can enhance the polarizability of water around ions which produces weak electric currents in the body, the body's voltage can increase, and electric charges can build up on the surface of your skin and hair.

Human Presence

Our thoughts and emotions also influence the structure of water, and scientific studies have shown that when they interact with positive or negative thoughts and feelings, the water molecules change their position.

What Effects Can Water Have On You

Brain- The brain is made of 85% water, and when this kind of positive or negative changes take place in the brain, a conflict between water structure arises, and the behavior is affected positively or negatively.

You can see those adverse effects not only at football supporters or a hard rock concert but also in daily life.

Blood-blood cells become statics because they lose the electrical charge causing diseases of the heart, esophagus, and arthritis.

Emotional-if the water that you drink has some types of information, the water has the power to implement that information in you, it can change you positively or negatively.

One of the scientists who came to the conclusion that water has memory and consciousness is Dr.Emoto Masaru from Japan.(3)

Since 2003, he has begun to share the results of his experiments by editing numerous books such as The Secret Life of Water, The true Power of Water, Messages from Water and the Universe, and a lot more.

In his researches and experiments, he discovered how water reacts by changing its shape to the positive and negative thoughts and emotions, and demonstrates that everything created by the Divinity is Life.

Also, according to Dr. Emoto Masaru, the structure of the water is different depends on the area where you live.

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Effect of Thoughts and Prayers on Water

In all religions, before eating or drinking, it is advisable to say a prayer or have a grateful thought, and because of science we now understand why.

And we also understand that what superstition has been for thousands of years, becomes true.

No wonder how Jesus Christ could change the water in wine or to walk upon the sea.

In every religion and every language, the prayer or mantra`s vibration is 8-hertz, which correspond with the frequency of the Earth building a harmonic and powerful structure in water.

And the purest and healing water that you know, built with the power of good thoughts and prayers is the Holy Water, held in gold or copper containers.

Now you can understand the importance of water, one part of the 5 elements of life, and why Ayurveda and yoga practitioners keep their drinking water in covered copper pots, away from any outside influence; a table or shelf only for water.

And this Holy Water can be made by you indeed.