DAIKON RADISH JUICE-Full Body Detox Cleanse

Daikon Radish Juice Benefits

Daikon radish juice, total body detox cleanse your passport to a healthy body and mind. The body needs cleanse, detoxify, and refortify; the system needs to refresh.

Detox diets eliminate toxins from your body, improve physical and mental health, and promote weight loss.(1Trusted Source)

And if you want a full-body detox cleanse and more than that to be a full-body natural cleanse one of the best vegetables to detox and get rid of toxins, your whole body needs daikon radish.

But here we talk the real gold of daikon radish, its juice.

Originally native to Southeast or continental East Asia, daikon is also known as Satsuma radish, Chinese radish, Japanese radish, and translated as "big root."

Daikon radish juice includes enzymes of lipase, diastase(amylase), oxidase, myrosinase, and protease.

The function of enzymes found in daikon attract attention in health & beauty and is also a supplement.

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How can daikon radish be a full detox cleanse of your body? What includes this natural body cleanse juice?

*Digestive enzymes help the gastrointestinal tract work.
*Enzymes that degrade fat.
*Enzymes with high antioxidant capacity, metabolic and cancer prevention.
*Vitamin C, minerals, dietary fibers

ISOTHIOCYANATE (2Trusted Source) degrades carcinogenic substances ( antioxidant, bactericidal and detoxifying)
Prevent cancer and lifestyle-related diseases, prevent blood circulation disorders).

*In terms of beauty, it is also effective for anti-aging by its antioxidant action.
Isothiocyanate is a pungent ingredient of daikon radish. It is also included in wasabi, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli.

VITAMIN C, which helps:
-the formation of collagen.
-Prevents stains and freckles.
-Improve immunity.
-Protect from stress.
-Destroy active oxygen.
-Bleeding Prevention and
-Enhance liver detoxification function

See the short video of the daikon detox juice.
You can use the daikon pulp in recipes.

Enzymes found in Daikon radish juice also help in:
*Constipation and swelling
*Weight loss
*Beautiful skin/Immune system
*Sore throat, bad breath (use as a gargle), dental caries, gum injuries, tooth decay (use cotton soaked in the radish juice)
*Acne care/Injury of joints (drink juice and/or apply directly to your skin, checking first for sensitivity)

Two things to keep in mind about daikon juice:

Both reduce the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Avoid as much as you can the lifeless foods and drinks from your diet such as processed foods, fast foods, sugary beverages, meat.

It is recommended that daikon juice be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach or 30 min before a meal.

Daikon radish juice has a very spicy taste (the sweetest part is in the upper part of the radish, closer to the leaves).

If you can not drink it, or you have the feeling of stomach acidity, you can add to your smoothie or other 100% juice (orange, grapes).

Also, daikon radish juice is very delicious with honey (organic honey). The best choice is Manuka honey daily purpose and/or Manuka high UMF, (3) or other honey if you wish, but try to use an organic one.

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Daikon radish and its juice it is an everyday natural detox, and thanks to these enzymes which are kind to the stomach.

Most vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are found in the Daikon radish peel, but as long as it is not organic, peeling it is recommended.

You can make the double effect detox smoothie.

Double the effect of your juice by adding the leaves of the daikon. 
Put the leaves in a blender, add the daikon juice and mix.

See the short video:

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The leaves of Daikon radish contains many nutrients such as β-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron.

Do you want to take full charge of vitamins? Consume the daikon radish leaves raw.
Do you want to take vitamin A? Eat it with oil(organic oil).
If you want to absorb calcium efficiently, eat it with vinegar (preferably rice vinegar).

Boiled leaves no more than 2 min, it is OK too.

Daikon leaves are full in vitamins either:

Of particular note are β-carotene (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C
Vitamin A almost the same percentage as spinach,
Vitamin C is more than spinach,
Calcium is about five times as much as spinach.

Eat raw when you want to take vitamin C, which is water-soluble and heat sensitive.

Wash and chop it and mix it with the salad to enjoy the texture or make a smoothie.
Alternatively, you can sprinkle in the soup already made, like green onions.

Cook and eat

Because β-carotene (Vitamin A) is a fat-soluble vitamin, it can be very well absorbed when eaten with oil. So, if you want to take vitamin A, you may want to stir in a small amount of oil with other vegetables and eat it as a vegetable stir-fry.

As a recommended way of eating it, it is very delicious if it is minced, fried with sesame oil and mixed with vinegared rice. It is best if you add it.
Calcium is easy to be absorbed when taken with vinegar, so it is recommended to mix it with vinegared rice.

Boil and eat
If you are not good at eating raw, but you want to eat it easily. In such cases, it is recommended to use hot water, drain quickly, and eat with soy sauce and dried bonito.

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  • September 22, 2019