Prakruti and Vikruti-Understand your True Nature and Imbalance

What is Prakruti?

Now, that I think you understand what Dosha is and in what `` category '' you are integrating the most. I'll put you in the mist for a while, but you will definitely understand what Pakruti and Vikruti is.

Dosha you have today can be different from the Dosha you were born with. Sounds crazy, I know, but only for a moment.

You, me, everybody, have something that is called Prakruti, which is the natural Doshic given at birth and includes the color of hair, eyes, bone structure, height even the disease you are prone to.

Maybe when you were 30, you were totally Vata, but now you're Pitta, which is a very normal thing because of your lifestyle, diet, the atmosphere you live in.

But how do you know what you really are and what is temporary?


The characteristics of the constitution have been evident since childhood and are given a lot of importance in Ayurveda.

``Original creation``, the Sanskrit word for Prakruti, "pra" means "original" and "kruti" means "creation" and refers to you as a unique ``mold.``

You can gain or lose weight, but you can not change your genetic makeup, well at least not entirely.

With so many aesthetic operations and transformations, it has become possible to change even the color of the eyes but isn`t who I am.

No matter what you do are things that you can not change such as the length of the fingers, skin color or how the skin reacts on chilly days, the shape of the palm, the color of your hair, or the bones structures.

How a person reacts emotionally to stress (has the tendencies to be introverted or extroverted, excitable or calm, intense or laid back) or the way he thinks and perceives things, also is coded in the unique personal constitution. 

Mental Constitution (Manas Prakruti)-As we have a physical constitution, we also have a mental one which is inextricably linked with the body.

The mind should and is best to be balanced.

Once the mind is balanced, naturally, the body`s three Doshas and the three malas-urine, feces, sweet- will be in a state of balance and there will no be bloating, constipation, headaches, there will be no diseases.

A Sattva (pure, true, balanced) mind is the true nature, a mind that reflects joy, peace, love, bliss, and happiness.

Your Prakruti is not just one Dosha, it is a unique combination of the three Doshas which are physiological forces of the body and responsible for body type and personality.

To know your constitution is to identify your physical and mental characteristics, and in this way, you can take the actions that keep your tendencies under control.

Every living creature has all three Doshas within them. We cannot exist without a certain amount of each. The earth, Kapha provides us with tissues, destinated to be down-to-earth; the fiery Pitta, with metabolic action and the air Vata, allows us to move and express ourselves.

The constitution is best defined in the percentage of each energy and in this way, there are not three types (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), or even seven types combinations, are an infinite number of combinations and permutations with no two people being exactly the same. 


The Sanskrit Vikruti means ``after creation``, ``vi`` means ``after`` and the ``kruti`` means ``creation.``

Vikruti is the three doshas state after the time of birth, the constitution you have today and/or in the future. 

In fact, in Dosha Quiz found everywhere and on this site either, most likely what you score is your Vikruti, not your Prakriti.

Your Vikruti is related to your lifestyle choices, environmental factor, and diet.

It is easy to confuse your Vikruti as your Prakruti, but are entirely different.

To know and determinate your Prakruti, you must think about what is the true you, what you were like a child, and what you are without any manipulation.

If you were light, creative, and quick as a child but now you are working 15h/day with 4 kids at home you may not look or feel like Vata you are.

If you were muscular and strong until 25, then you start to work in an office for 10/day for 20 years you may look now like a Kapha rather the Pitta.

Vikruti illustrates the imbalance and the key to health is to make your Vikruti match your Prakruti.

Your body, mind, and soul naturally tend to maintain the balance, but if you stay away from your natural rhythm, things go off balance, and the diseases easily occur.

Understanding your body and mind is has tremendous benefits because it is an excellent predictor of how your body grows and change throughout your life.

When you can predict the types of diseases you are prone to, you can act in advance to prevent them, you can develop a preventive living.

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