Ama-The meaning of Ama in Ayurveda

What is Ama in Ayurveda?

Ama converts any substance and energy which comes from improper digestion and is similar to the Western natural healing of ``toxicity``.

When you take substances into your body (food, drink or other stimulants) and the process of digestion is incorrect, the particles incompletely processed do not get adequately eliminated.

This accumulation of waste is ama.

Ama toxicity tends to accumulate wherever there is a weakness in the body.

Osteoarthritis is called amavata and signifies the result of the accumulation of Vata and ama in the joints.

According to Ayurveda, "Your health depends on how good your digestion is." The undigested food and emotions go to imbalance and turns into ama, which is a dark, toxic, sticky, smelly substance which spread from the digestive tract to all the parts of your body.

Ama, (toxicity)is created by low digestive fire Agni (agnimandya) when food cannot be completely digested, and the low tissue Agni (Dhatu-agnimandya) will retard formation in that particular tissue, ama is produced, and the subtle waste products (kleda) are formed.

When the excretion becomes insufficient, due to excessive production of kleda (subtle waste products), it gets accumulated in the body and turns into toxic substances, ama.

Ojas results from clear digestion, ama is the result of lousy digestion and constipation.
It is easy to get ama if you're not paying attention.

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Signs of Ama

  • Your tongue has a white coating, especially upon awakening 
  • You have skin problems (acne, blemishes)
  • Your energy level is sluggish, low, sleepy, or weak
  • You feel "cloudy" in the mind
  • You have a blockage in the body (constipation, congestion, breathing)
  • You feel bloated, gassy or tired after meals
  • You continuously get angry, depressed or anxious
  • You are sensitive to infection
  • Indigestion
  • Not hungry or no taste for food

Characteristics of Ama

*Very bad or foul odor (sweat, urine, feces)

*Your body is very sticky

*Non-homogeneous bowels

When you are unhealthy, you are full of ama, lazy, smelly, sick, exhausted and no motivation.

What causes Ama?

*Over-under emotional eating

*Processed foods- meat, sugar, cheese

*Stale, canned, frozen meals

*Alcohol, smoking, and other stimulants

*Physical/emotional trauma or stress

*Negative feelings as jealousy, fear, anger

How can I reduce Ama?

-Fasting - try to fast for several hours first, then a day and expand your fast as you feel comfortable.

For Vata is not indicated to fast; they are already light and can cause weakness and malnourished.

Is indicated for Kapha every season and for Pittas on occasion.

-Drink temperature/warm water with neem or tulsi leaves in it

-Eat light, warm foods

-Use digesting spices like ginger, cumin seed, black pepper

For chronic ama, it is recommended the Ayurvedic panchakarma (five actions) which refers to five treatments, a process of detoxifying and purifying the body, mind, emotions, and it is indicate to be administered by an Ayurvedic practitioner.

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