Tejas-What is Tejas-The meaning of Tejas

Tejas-The Radiant Source

Tejas is the subtle essence of Pitta and one of the five elements that make up the body in Samkhya philosophy. It is the energy of fire element, related to Pitta characteristics which is full of passion, strength, and movement.

Tejas is the Sanskrit term for ``illumination`` or ``fire``, the fire which ignites in all. It is an energy, a vitality that makes a person to be powerful, confident, and radiant.

I think you see people which have twinkle in their eyes, they seem to glow, they have charisma.
Well, that is Tejas.

In yoga view, Tejas is the intense inner power which helps a person to discover a spiritual and more profound experience.

Tejas is one of the qualities of the Hindu Gods, the fire of digestion and transformation that we take in, and experience from food to emotions.

Those with too much Tejas has Pitta imbalance, symptoms as heartburn or hyper-acidity.

On the other hand, those with little, may have sluggish metabolism or weak digestion.

The balance of Tejas is fundamental to creating supreme Ojas and maintaining the healthy prana.

Healthy Tejas

  • radiance
  • bright eyes
  • sharp mind
  • vitality
  • clarity
  • luster
  • positive change
  • bravery
  • strong leadership abilities
  • lively personality

Low Tejas

Anything that causes burnout weakness your Tejas so be aware of your emotional state.

  • (over)critical
  • (over)frustrated
  • (over)heating
  • stress
  • anger
  • physical and emotional trauma
  • no purpose and creativity
  • no concentration
  • judgmental
  • obsessed

Regain your Tejas

-Increase spices in your diet; cumin, ginger, and chile peppers

-Be in present moment awareness

-Do rigorous exercises a good blood circulation 

-Set goals

-Gaze into a candle flame to increase your fire energy

-Learn to meditate

-Practice Kapalabhatti Pranayama "the skull shining breath." Focus on your breath on the exhale, which is short and forceful.

By contracting your abs, push the air out of your belly as fast as possible. Once you force the breath out, merely let the inhale to happen.

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