Dosha Quiz-What Is My Body-Mind Type

This quiz will help you to understand your unique Ayurvedic Body – Mind type, the three doshas – Vata/Pitta/Kapha which are derived from The Five Great Elements, which is a physical, emotional, and mental blend.

Keep in mind that you are not entirely one Dosha you are a combination of three, in varying amount.






The goal is to know and accept yourself so, try to answer honestly. (Oh yes, I know, sometimes we tend to say how we want to be and not what we are actually, but please try).



Well, start to ask yourself.



1. The frame of my body?

a) naturally slender, lanky, thin

b) medium build, good muscle mass

c) round, curvy, broad or thick build



2. How easily do I gain weight?

a) tend to lose weight, very hard, I have to remember to eat

b) moderate, I can gain weight and lose whenever I want, and I can build my muscle easily

c) easily, and I must work very hard to losing it



3. What are my eyes like?

a) active and small

b) have a deep, penetrating gaze

c) pleasant eyes, big and beautiful



4.The complexion of my skin?

a) get dry, visible veins, rough or thin

b) oily, prone to irritation, acne

c) smooth, moist, thick or in combination



5. How does my hair look like?

a) dry, prone to split, frizzy

b) oily, fine, have a tendency toward early thinning or graying

c) abundant, thick, tend to be oily



6. How are my joints?

a) prominent, tend to crack, prone to injury

b) agile, flexible

c) large, well padded and knit



7. What is my digestion like?

a) sometimes good, sometimes bad

b) strong and powerful

c) slow and weak



8. How is my stool like?

a) not every day, tend toward constipation

b) every day, tends toward loose stools

c) sluggish, thick, long



9. What digestive imbalance feel most often?

a) gas and/or bloating

b) acidic stomach and/or heartburn

c) water retention, lethargic after the meal



10. How is my sleep?

a) light sleeper and tend to awake easy

b) moderately sleeper, I usually need few hours to be rest

c) deep and long, tend to awake slowly



11. How is my body temperature?

a) my hands and/or feet are cold, always cold, I prefer hot weather

b) usually warm and prefer cool weather

c) I am adaptable, but I don’t like cool or wet weather



12. What about my temperament?

a) creative, vivace, enthusiastic, I like the change

b) intense, passionate, ambitious

c) patient, easy-going, giving



13. How can I handle stressful situations?

a) I become anxious, worried, fearful and/or nervous

b) aggressive, impatient, irritable and/or competitive

c) reclusive, lonely, depressed and/or jealous



14. How is my memory?

a) quick to remember, quick to forget

b) pretty good memory

c) hard to remember



15. On what topics do I have the greatest inclinations?

a) spirituality, arts, literature, philosophy

b) science, engineering, law, business

c) human resources, teaching, care-giving, counseling



Well done, let see what you have here.

Start counting how many of a, b, c you have.

A is Vata – ether & air

B is Pitta – fire & water

C is Kapha – water & earth


The  Dosha with highest characteristics number is primery. With the second-highest number is secondary. And the lowest number is tertiary.


The secondary and the tertiary dosha according to our age, diet, season, lifestyle and so on, is changing. So, if you have KAPHA characteristics and start going to the gym and gain muscle,  the characteristics of your body type change into PITTA.


You must understand and remember that (according to Ayurveda)we were born with a certain amount of each element and are changing due to our lifestyle, stress level, emotional stateTr, diet, season, habits and do not stick or identify yourself to a specific Dosha or overthinking at negative issues.


These attributes help us to understand them and by changing our lifestyle we can transform the imbalance into balance

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