Prana-What is Prana?

Prana-The Vital Life Force

Related to the air element, Prana is the Vital Force Life.
It is responsible for respiration, movement, oxygenation, circulation and governs at the same time your mind, thought and emotions.

As long as we live in a physical and three-dimensional world, prana it cannot be seen, but you can feel it.

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Prana is felt most in your breath; you can feel it in your belly when the falling in love ``butterflies`` are dancing, or by chanting the AUM vowels (the sound of the beginning of the world; A is felt at navel level, U is felt in the chest, and M is felt in the skull) .

Prana is not ``located`` just within, exists outside of your body and is known in martial arts as Ki. It is also electricity, physical and mental digestion, different functions have a different name, but all are the same force; Prana.

Prana moves in your body through nadis (channels), which are in total 72.000 and the center is located at the navel level, being at the same time fetus-mother relationship.

These 72.000 channels spring from 3 primary nadis; Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.

Ida symbolizes the feminine, the moon, negative or yin and is your left nostril.

Pingala symbolizes the masculine, the sun, positive or yang and is your right nostril.

Those are not the biological aspects, are qualities that define these channels.

If a person`s Ida is pronounced, sensitive and reflective qualities are dominant.
The moon receives and reflects, and also is deeply connected with a female body as well.

If a person`s Pingala is pronounced, exploratory and outgoing qualities are dominant.

On the mental level, Ida is the intuitive dimension, Pingala is the logical dimension.

These qualities of Ida and Pingala have nothing to do with being a man or a woman; you can be a man, and Ida prevails, or you can be a woman and Pingala to be domineering.

These two nadis are fundamental for every life, especially for the human being, and it is a must that those nadis to be in balance and at full force, and here Sushumna is present.

Sushumna it is the central Nadi, the most important in your physiology, it is the fulcrum of your entire system and independent from the 72.000 nadis.

Once your energies enter in Sushumna whatever happens around you can not influence you, you are in a perfect balance.

Also is related as a dangerous dormant cobra, because the energies in Muladhara chakra appears like a sleeping cobra and is a danger if you do not know how to `show up` in case it wakes up.

Activate your Kundalini or Wake up your Kundalini is `in vogue,` but it is also dangerous without experience or under the guidance of a good yogi.

Healthy Prana

A person with a healthy Prana is enthusiastic, creative, adaptable, energetic, motivated and full of life.

According to Ayurveda your Atman(soul), is reflected in your breath. The deeper your breath is, the more you are connected with your true nature.

Ragain your Prana

I think you already noticed how your breath changes depending on the state of mind; when you are stressed and angry your breath is short and shallow; when you are happy, is deep and slow.

Prana governs your emotions and is directly correlated with your state of mind.

Start to regain your Prana through breathing techniques of Pranayama.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is "extension of the prana" or "breath control." "Prana" means life force, and ``Yama `` means to extend or control.

The pranic energy on subtle levels is responsible for life and practicing pranayama leads to regulation, control, and mastery of this vital source.

By practicing pranayama, your mind becomes clear, fit for concentration, purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from your body and blood, eliminate the mucous in the nose which causes fever and sinus discomfort.

In a normal breath is about 500 cubic centimeters of air, but in deep breath yoga practices, we take about 3.700 cubic centimeters of air in one breath.

As a beginner, when you take a deep breath, be aware of where the inhalation is going to, let the air to flow naturally, because it knows better than you where to go.

Do not force, do not try to control it, feel it.
Where did it stop? In your chest? In your belly?

If you feel the air stops in your belly, the prana flow naturally, and it goes much further than you think, it spreads in all body.

When you can feel the air, then by the power of the mind you will be able to control your Prana.

Heal your Body and Mind with Prana

Prana is a shining white/silver light.
If you can not visualize, think of white fireworks.

1. Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight but not tense, legs aligned and palms facing up on your knees.
Note: with the palms facing up prana flows naturally and deeper.

Or, you can lay down but take care not to fall asleep.

2. Close your eyes, start to take a deep inhale through both nostrils and exhale slow until your body is totally relaxed, being at the same time aware of your breath.

3. While inhaling, visualize/imagine Prana, the blinding white light as it enters through the top of your head healing every cell of your body, starting with your hair, scalp, brain, eyes, every inner and outer part of the body to the toe.

4. While exhaling, visualize the bright light Prana entered through your toe healing every cell and going through the top of your head.

5. Continue to do until increase the space of stillness between your inhales and exhales.

If you have an issue with your body keep your prana there longer than usual.

You may feel ``heat`` or ``butterflies`` in the specific area, do not worry, is your Prana healing you.

Breathing experiences and also asana (yoga postures) are unique, from person to person, so be aware of your changes.

Pranayama has various techniques depending on your demand and experience.

Two other types of breathing that I love is Skull shining breath which makes your entire face to glow, it is the best cosmetic and also activates your brain.

And Alternate-Nostril breathing, which brings balance between Ida and Pingala, positive and negative.

By controlling your breath you control the subtle prana and monitoring your prana, you control certain parts of your body that usually you can not manage.

If you control the mind, you are the Master.

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Keep in mind:

As I said above Prana is like a dormant cobra, so remember, you are playing with a cobra; if you play well the cobra will dance well.

So, do everything gently, avoid strain and never hurry.

During pranayama, your concentration should be inward to observe what is happening.

Prana is wasted in many ways such; overeating, oversleeping, overtaking, unlimited sex, which makes you weak physically and mentally.

If you want to build up your body and mind, moderate those habits and save the prana stored in your body.

Your sexual fluid is also prana; when is necessary, the stored liquid evaporates into gas-prana-giving vitality to your body and your mind.

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