What Ojas Is?

What does Ojas mean?

Ojas, as Tejas and Prana are the cosmic forces, a spiritual subtler form for each dosha, Vata-Pitta-Kapha.

To achieve transcendence, self-actualization and reach your highest potential, Ayurveda focus on health, better said, on preventive health.

Ojas is connected to Kapha, Tejas to Pitta, and Prana to Vata. As with Dosha, you have and need to have all three vital forces within you, and above all to be in balance.

Have you ever seen a person who just radiates happiness, shining out like gold, everyone feels good in her presence?
You guessed it, that is Ojas.

Ojas gives you a radiant glow that naturally attracts people and another life either to your peaceful energy.

Ojas relate health, long life and well-being. It is expressed all qualities of Kapha(Earth)  as patience, fertility, endurance, vitality, joy, and stability.

The seat of ojas within the body is in the heart, is heart-centered, which make people high in ojas to be centered, stable, quickly deal with stress, easily connect with themselves and other.

To build ojas, the Ayurvedic term for ``vigor``, you should create space for positivity and take hold of things that keep you in place.

Ojas is the result of clear digestion, pure and nourishing (sattvic) foods which forms your body organs, tissues, skin, and cells.

Your mind should be as healthy as your body because both of them trigger ojas.

As long as we are unique phenomena, you should not compare yourself to another person either physically or mentally, if you do, suffering will also occur.

Healthy Ojas

  • strong immune system
  • glowing skin
  • peaceful energy
  • digest food easily (no adverse effects)
  • rarely become ill
  • the body has a pleasant smell
  • energized through the day
  • eating a lot of vegetables & fruits
  • clear and pink tang
  • feeling rested

Regain Your Ojas

The main important thing in Ayurveda is to have proper digestion, and the one of the reason is that it keeps your ojas in balance.

Consuming more sattvic foods, as following, helps ojas to be in balance:

  • fresh fruits & vegetables
  • gee & raw milk
  • honey
  • avocados
  • coconuts products

Many of ojas are emotionally, and to bring life force in your life do your best to do what you love, even if it is as a hobby level.

Take a minute and think. What your heart tells you to do? 

To climb a mountain? To paint? To write a book? 

Just listen to your heart, which is the pure and sincere mind, and do it.

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